Monday, March 24, 2008

The Workbench

Whelp, I thought I would give a new shot of the workbench so people could see what I am working on!

At the moment, the only WIP figures on there is a unit of Russian infantry. They still need their white and their flags, along with the work on some certain figures (commander, drummer) and they are ready for the cabinet. That will allow me to start a unit of Russian cuirassiers (out of frame.)

Tonight and for the foreseeable future I am working on a little more 15mm scenery; namely, drybrushing my fences and finishing my pin trees. They also need a good grey drybrush. I finished a third 15mm wood tonight, which is visibile in the empty table shot to the right. The table has been cleared of the Napoleonics (who are back in their shelves) and I will start laying out a new set-up once I've finished all the fences.

In the next day or two I'll put up another Napoleonic unit (hmmm... lights? Lancers? Regular line infantry?) as well as maybe a quick guide to my 15mm ACW buildings.

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