Thursday, March 20, 2008

The 25mm Nappys on the table!

Hello all!

Whelp, after finishing up my 15mm ACW game (and then watching hour upon hour upon hour of work on the AAR disappear) I decided to set something else up. And against my better judgement (since I don't have enough 25mm scenery that is nice, and I hate emptying the cabinets!) I decided to set up ALL of the 25mm Napoleonics in one big mess!

For this set-up, I put the chateau in one corner of the table and a farmhouse with some fields in the other. Some trees (I clearly need more, and need to get pins in all of them) in a few spots and some rocks helped break up the ground a bit. I put the French army in the most open area, with the surgeon inside the chateau and the forge against the outside wall. The Old Guard advance next to the chateau, and the rest of the infantry and cavalry is spread over the French position.

Opposite them are my Russians. Now, setting them up opposite the French has convinced me of one thing for sure; I better get them some reinforcements painted, and QUICK; I don't think they would last long! Some reinforcements, and some earthworks!

To the left is a shot of the Old Guard advancing; they do look pretty mean, and I can imagine that facing them would NOT be a pleasant experience! They have a screen of light infantry in front of them, and their artillery behind them in support. The Marshal himself can be seen in the lefthand side of that shot.

Finally, here is a shot of the chateau itself. It is maybe a bit large for the table, but I didn't know what size the table would be when I built it, so... right now I have the surgeon deployed inside it, working on the wounded, and a few caissons as well.

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