Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Table

Whelp, I am about to move my Napoleonics back into their shelves. At this point I do not have enough finished, quality scenery for 25mm figures. Therefore I think it is best to move the 15mm ACW figures back onto the table, as I have enough scenery for them, and keep the Nappys in their cabinets until I can undertake a 25mm scenery building drive!

However, I did move a few figures around and remove the awfully large chateau so I could spread the guys out and take a few more pictures! To the above left is a shot of the guard artillery, deployed and ready for action! I am happy with the way these guys turned out, even though, in retrospect, one of the guys is a touch tilted in the stand; it is driving me nuts!

Next up is a shot of the Old Guard and some line infantry advancing on the Russian light infantry. In front of the main line you can see a nice screen of lights to protect the men, and behind you can see the artillery providing support.

Finally, here is another shot of some French light infantry guarding a stone wall. They are starting to cross over it, perhaps to push the enemy back while the main body of infantry, under the orders of the commander of the wing, advance into combat.

And with that, the 25mm Napoleonics go back into their cabinets; goodbye, guys! See you in a year!

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