Sunday, March 2, 2008

25mm Nap. French - The Old Guard Grenadiers

Well, the first full unit of infantry to be featured on Lord Ashram's House of War is, appropriately enough, the Old Guard!

The Guard was made up of the most elite French soldiers, men who had a minimum of certain number of years service and were of a certain height. It is said that the Old Guard has never known defeat in combat; the only known instance of the Guard being forced back, namely the charge at Waterloo, is now believed by many to have actually been an attack of the Middle Guard.

The officer in charge here is clearly a nasty fellow; barking his orders, his bearskin pulled low, he is supported by a number of veteran NCOs and a host of men who have seen war on more than a few battlefields. This particular unit is a Grenadier unit, as evidenced by their cuffs and their specific bearskin caps.

All of the figures in this unit are Old Glory 25mm.

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