Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Painting Table

Here is a shot of my painting desk.

It is actually a cheap ikea table just slid into a closet. At first it was about a sixteenth of an inch too large; however, by simply reattaching a leg at a different angle, I was able to squeeze it in. Thank god!

There is a TV and playstation off to the side, which plays movies in a loop; I've started with Master and Commander, and have a shipment of DVDs coming courtesy of Amazon. Next; either Gettysburg, or Zulu!

I have tried to organize the desk. There is a lot of unpainted lead next to it, including an entire Perry Samurai army, several hundred 25mm Napoleonic Russians, and several hundred 15mm ACW troops. The current project is the Russians, so I'll get some photos of them up in a few weeks, after I've covered the completed army.

Paints are kept to the left; flocks to the right. I have a shelf for bases (damn Games Workshop; I had to secure a BUNCH of bases before they switched selling formats) and tools and non-miniature paints, and a shelf for bits and other stuff. The picture above gives you a little breakdown!

Next up; a tour through the shelves. Then, the art. Then, finally... The Table!

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