Monday, March 3, 2008

The Display Cabinets - Cabinet #2

Whelp, here is cabinet number 2! This is the not-as-full WIP cabinet, but there is still a lot to see!

At the moment it contains the fledgling 25mm Napoleonic Russian collection, which is very much a WIP; so far it is only half done. There is a lot, including a pretty big group of cavalry and infantry, to come.

The shots of the shelves are pretty limited, since right now the only inhabintants are the 25mm Napoleonic Russians and my small Lord of the Rings collection; the 15mm ACW collection is all on the table at the moment.

To the right is a shot of the top three shelves of the cabinet. The top shelf is occupied at the moment by a trio of Russian officers, two elements of light infantry, and a nice big block of Russian line infantry, hardened by the cold Russian winter. The second shelf has a piece of artillery, some more light infantry, another big block of line infantry, and one of the two planned centerpieces for the Russian collection; the Priest blessing the Pavlov Guard Grenadiers as they march off to war! The last shelf has all of the completed cavalry as well as some more light infantry and the rest of the artillery.

The second half of the shelves is very empty! At the moment there is only a single shelf of Lord of the Rings troops, which will be displaced once the historicals get a bit more fleshed out. The far back left group is the Rohirrim, and Gondor is to the front left. The Fellowship is dead center. The goblins of Moria are to the rear right, and immediately in front of them stands Saruman and his Uruks.

There are still a few armies who are not yet in place; namely a small force of 25mm WWII Germans, as well as a massive Warhammer Empire army that may or may not get a "starting spot" in one of the cabinets; in the end, they may only get a shelf.

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