Saturday, March 8, 2008

25mm Nap. French - 14e Ligne

So far we've seen the legere who made the French army so effective, and the Guard, who made the French army so scary! But what about the lowly privates?

Here is my first standard unit of line infantry. This particular regiment is advancing into fire, the commanding officer urging his men forward with the help of the NCOs, while men in the front rank go down around him. As I mentioned earlier, all of my non-Guard infantry units are in campaign dress; a mix of greatcoats and pants and the like, all a bit muddy and worn. I like this look, as it makes the army look a little more battle-worn,

All of my standard ligne units have the same four man standard base. On this base is a standard bearer, two eagle guards armed with pikes, and a sapper, a large, nasty looking man with an axe. While this might seem like a lot of eagles (and indeed it is) I decided to go this route because, quite frankly, it looks good, and toy soldiers need to look good!

The majority of the troops in this unit are Perry Miniatures, with the exception of the sapper, who is Front Rank (as all my sappers are; they are bigger figures and make strong looking sappers! Plus, I didn't have to buy a pack of 8 guys to get them.)

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