Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Display Cabinets - Cabinet #1

Of course, NO wargames room would be complete without some beautiful display cabinets!

I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect cabinets. At first I was thinking just shelves, but that is clearly not good enough. Eventually I started looking at barrister bookcases. While they are in many ways perfect, I found a major problem; people who make bookcases for lawyers expect to have clients who are rich! I had to find a cheaper way to go.

Then I found a great website;

They have some great stuff, including some fantastic curio cabinets, which is what I ended up using!

I have two of these guys in the room right now; I will give you a quick look through cabinet #1 right now!

To the left is the top three shelves of the first cabinet. The very top shelf is currently dedicated to 15mm WWII Germans; there are enough 88s up there to hold off the entire Allied army for a while!

The next two shelves (and indeed the rest of the cabinet) are dedicated to 25mm French Napoleonic troops; the second shelf for the Old Guard, the Guard artillery, and some light infantry, the third shelf for the two army centerpieces (the surgeon and the forge,) some light infantry, and the Marshal himself!

To the right is the bottom three shelves of Cabinet #1.

The first two shelves are a pretty big mix of cavalry (lights, heavies, and lancers,) line infantry, and light infantry, with the wing commanders front and center. The bottom shelf is the non-guard artillery, as well as some light infantry to keep the enemy at bay.

That is all for Cabinet #1; I will bring you Cabinet #2 tomorrow... or maybe later tonight, if I cannot resist!

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