Sunday, March 2, 2008

25mm Nap. French - The Commanders

This is my overall commander of my 25mm Napoleonic French army.

The set consists of the Marshal, with his arm out signaling his men and his back sheltered by his rain cloak.

The Marshal's manservant sits directly behind him, ready to care for his master at a moments notice. He is most likely a fellow of Egyptian descent, as his black arabian stallion and turban might suggest. His fancy leopard skin blanket may have been a gift from his master.

The Marshal's two adjuncts sit behind him, one chatting with the manservant, the other taking in the situation in front of them with a learned eye. These two men are tasked with each commanding a wing of the army, bringing the Marshal's orders to the foot officers who manage the rank and file.

The movement tray features an extinguished campfire, obviously hastily put out as the men make ready for war, some firewood against which rests a pack, and a stack of muskets.

All of the figures in this unit are Old Glory 25mm.

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