Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Zombie survivors, and an EXCELLENT product!

Hey all!

Finished up two more zombie survivors!  One man in a suit with corduroy pants, and a little girl, heavily armed!

Along with them I can also show the first two pieces from a WONDERFUL set of equipment... two from a set of bags from Simon Hunter over at TMP, who I think runs Project Zeke miniatures!

Here is bag #1... a pretty excellent standard canvas military duffle!  I love this piece... it is something you see ALL THE TIME, but almost NEVER on toy soldiers!  I did add the straps, using a bit of green stuff.  I went with a desert camo, rather than traditional green.  I love the flap folded over on the top!

Here is the second bag, a FANTASTIC bear/backpack, ideal for a kid, or in this case a little girl!  Again, I added the stripes using green stuff.  I love this one... sure, it sort of breaks the "realistic" mold I was using for my survivors, but it is that PERFECT bit of pulp that looks so good in a zombie game!

Here is the guy from the front... I called him Roger, originally, from Mad Men, but now I call him Marty, as in Marty Scorsese.  The jacket and pants are colorful; I was trying to avoid a standard black suit.  I am not in love with how he turned out, but he looks okay in person.

Here is the girl... I think she looks pretty good:)

And here they are together.  Overall a nice addition to my collection of zombie survivors, and some GREAT bags from Simon!  There are two more in the set that I am going to use as a "loot" counter... I'll post those later, as well as Simon's email (when he gives me permission!)


Ed TheTHWguy said...

Excellent job!

The Extraordinarii said...

These are great the little girl especially, brilliant figure.

Simon Quinton said...

Nice work on them both. The bags from Project Zeke miniatures are very handy. He's got some great looking resin car wrecks to.

paulalba said...

Excellent, you can never have to man survivors (to be eaten by Z's!)

Bob Kinnear said...

Great looking survivors dude!
Love the rucksacks.