Friday, January 23, 2015

15mm Modern Abrams finished

Hi all!

Well, I've finally added an Abrams to my collection!

This was a 1:100 scale Johnny Lighting tank.  I'll be honest, it is pretty fantastic.  Unfortunately, I also hit a snag with it in that after I painted it, when I went to dip it the dip was thick like syrup and black!  Dammit!  I rubbed off as much as I could and then resprayed, but the spray paint was now too thick... and as I tried to scrub it off I broke the 50 cal off... so overall I am really unhappy with how it turned out:(  One of my more depressing toy soldier moments.

Here is a shot from the back so you can see the stowage.

And here is the stowage when I had sculpted/glued it all on.  So much good detail, lost in several layers of stupid spray paint and a single layer of like-glue varnish:(

Here it is next to my other vehicles... suitably bad ass, if you ask me.  I DO need to go in and add a little grass to the stand, though.


AHunt said...

Despite your problems with it, the model looks great. If you hadn't told us about the disasters I'd just think it was a great looking model.

Phil said...

Love it, great job!