Saturday, January 17, 2015

Some new 15mm moderns bought and painted!

Hi all!

Well, after not really touching toy soldiers for several months, I got a bit inspired by my last work.

So I ordered a TON of new stuff, and painted some up!

First up is a squad of SpecOps... maybe Delta or something?  Unfortunately the spray I used for them came out grainy, so they aren't perfect, but overall I think they turned out fine.  Hard to photograph, but fine!:)

Here is my sniper, camped out on a rooftop.

Here he is again, giving cover to the guys below.

And here are some hostages taken by local insurgents!  I have one guy in a suit, who might be a minister or something, and three guys blindfolded and bound, who I will use as captured soldiers.

Overall I feel like these guys are good additions to the force!  I still have an Abrams, a Blackhawk, an EOD team, some medics, and a wrecked humvee on the way:)


Simon Quinton said...

Nice work! Where are the from?

The Extraordinarii said...

Very nicely done, they look fine.

HoldFast said...

Nice little figs. Do you use Force-on-Force rules with them?