Thursday, January 1, 2015

A second "Blucher" tray...

Hey all!

Okay... I decided to attempt another "Blucher" tray.  This time I wanted to divorce the unit info from the tray itself, so if I need to use the tray for different units, I can!  The unit information tile is removable, and can be switched around/slid back and forth at will.

Overall I am really happy with this one, although it does have some blank black spaces at the back when it is infantry or cavalry.  ONE of those spaces can be used for an officer, which I can use as a marker for the unit being prepared.  

This style will take a tiny bit of paperwork to... well, work, as you have to keep track of what tray is what unit.  I am thinking of doing a little pocket thing with numbers that match the number on the blind side of the movement tray, and then you slip the info card into the appropriately-numbered pocket.

I love how the artillery looks... it has room for the limber, which just looks right:)

What do folks think... is it okay that the bottom of the movement tray is black?  Or should it be green?


Samuli S said...

I think that for the infantry the other one looked better. It's gonna be a lot more work though to do one for every single unit :)

For the Arty it works a treat. I guess the empty space with the infantry could be remedied with the use of some filler terrain pieces etc. that slot into the tray?

John Mumby said...

It looks great!! Can you match the color of the base to the color of your gaming cloth? Is it going to be a hassle to mark off the rounds of ammo while reaching over the limber? I wish that I had these bases while I was playtesting the rules for Sam!! Lookin' good!!

Phil said...

Clever and beautiful!

AHunt said...

For the infantry you could make a marker that drops into the empty space with the unit number on it. That would fix the look of the blank space as well as giving you the ability to put whatever unit number/name you need in any tray.

Overall I like the look of the first one better, but this model seems much more practical.

matchbox marshal said...

Looks good. Could you shift the info tile to the back corner and squeeze in another infantry base to fill in the gap? i.e. Is there any reason the info has to sit in the centre?


Sun of York said...

This is a good idea. I always worry about trays becoming plinths, but I like the idea of keeping all the bits together (in my preferred rules info chits/markers always seem to wander off).

Author said...

Hi all!

Thanks for coming by and taking a look! Yeah, I get why people like the first one, but making that many more trays would just be a lot to take care of, I think. The idea of a tray that can be used for anything appeals to me, you know?

Do you think I need to fill in the empty spot? I could paint it green to reasonably match my table (or a table, I suppose...)?

John, you could always put the limber in the forward slot and the info in the back... I just like the way it looks with the limber at the back better:)

I could put another stand of infantry and cavalry in there... But would it look better, or would it then look uneven? I'll give it a try and report back:)

Thanks again for coming by... Damn I miss keeping this blog up to date!:)