Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A great Christmas gift...

Hi all!

Well, I thought I would post about a fantastic Christmas gift I got!

I had seen that the Perry Twins, who I think are the best in the business, put out a book of pure toy soldier eye candy goodness.  To me, that is maybe the greatest news in history, and thankfully my family bought it for me!  It is called "Masters in Miniature" and wow, what a fantastic thing to own!

It has shots from all of the Perry collections, including of course the Napoleonics...

The ACW... love those havelocks!

And the Rev War!

There were, of course, other impressive bits.  I particularly liked their samurai... wow.  I did wish that a few of the photos were lit a little bit better, particularly in the Napoleonic section, so we could really enjoy the color of the uniforms, but overall it was really beautifully done.

 I liked this page most of all!  Ah, to dream that they've maybe once happened upon my blog... ah.  It can't hurt to dream!:D


paulalba said...

Looks brilliant!

The Extraordinarii said...

Ahh, Very nice indeed, you cant get better than that can you?