Sunday, January 11, 2015

A bunch of shots of a 15mm moderns game

Hi all!

Well, a few days ago a buddy of mine came by, and we played a bunch of rounds of my 15mm moderns game!

The rules are still being perfected, but overall they are a great excuse for pushing toy soldiers around.  Basically you have an objective a certain number of "squares" away, with each square represented by a randomly generated set of city blocks set up on the board.  You go from board to board, getting closer and closer to the objective.

Anyway... I took some photos (although not an AAR type of thing) and thought I would post them!

Here our two squads enter the first city blocks on their search for the insurgent leader.  On the left is a wide-open market place.  The street reaches a T junction midway through the board.

And of COURSE the market is full of bad guys, including an enemy technical!  You can see some Marines who took position on a nearby roof to provide cover, while the Stryker moves around to engage the technical.  One insurgent actually hit the Stryker with an RPG and did HUGE damage to it... not a good start!

A shot in the next block as our two squads approach a possible IED carefully, while possible enemy targets linger to the right.  I don't know why that palm tree is on the building there... I think we put it there and didn't notice!

We did get ambushed in these blocks pretty hard, and while we took it to the insurgents we lost two guys, KIA!  Argh!

Our battered force enters the third section of blocks.

We got absolutely jumped on here by insurgents along the route we needed to take to get closer to the objective.

Here is another shot of that fight, as our armor moved forward, our infantry sheltering behind it.

My buddy's squad was pretty beast all night; they cut down the enemies who were trying to ambush our troops!

Here one Marine barrels through a building to get to the enemy.  I figured that I should take a photo, since the building interior was finished:)

Just a money shot of two technicals:)

The next section of streets was interesting, as there was a HUGE clump of potential targets in a small alleyway market.

And another potential target in a delivery area.

Our vehicles took the lead...

While three of my soldiers took up overwatch positions on the roof of a local mosque.

A possible IED slowed the whole advance down.

... just in time for a MASSIVE ambush!  Two RPG rounds JUST missed the Stryker and the Humvee, which was shot full of holes nonetheless.

Another shot of the pretty nasty ambush... an enemy technical waited at the end of the road!

A FEROCIOUS storming of the enemy position REALLY paid off, though!  My buddy's Marines hit the place with grenades and then stormed in and absolutely SLAUGHTERED the enemy, who maybe weren't ready for an assault.

More Marines advance, using the Stryker as cover.

Insurgents shoot down from windows across the street.

And the technical pulls out and puts fire on the Stryker, doing damage... the Stryker is smoking and limping along at this point.

But the Stryker and Humvee return fire, turning the technical into a giant fireball!

We left off there.  I did take a shot of my buddy's dominant squad, which cleared enemy position after enemy position (with some help from their Humvee!)

And here is the entire US crew.

Anyway... it isn't really an AAR... just took shots of the game as we played!


kenneth van pelt said...

That is great stuff. I like the concept of moving through multiple squares. We used to call this the "Fred Flinstone" terrain technique. How in the cartoon Fred would run by the same window repeatedly. Anyway we used this technique for our Stalingrad game where the players were all on the same side and the Russians were represented by random card draw generated encounters.
Very nice blog.


Black Guardian said...

Very nice collection! :)
May I ask which ruleset you used?


Ray Rousell said...

Great pics of a great looking game.

NW Crew said...

Nice pictures! Sounds like great game. You both played US?. Is there a GM or do someone actually "play" the enemies?

Barks said...

I like your potential target mock-ups, very clever!

WarRaptor said...

Great looking game, and really nice figures!

Author said...

Hey all!

Thanks for coming by and posting!

The rule set is one that I made up myself... Very simple, but I think effective. My favorite part is the shooting, which is done with a red die and a white die, the red being the "to kill" roll and the white the "to suppress" roll. When you shoot you decide if you are shooting with aimed fire or suppressing fire... The aimed fire is a lot more narrow focused (with assault rifles you get 1 of each die, with a 4+ to kill and the same to suppress) whereas the suppressive fire gives you two dice, but only kills in a 6... But you can apply the dice to different targets, allowing one guy to suppress two enemies if his fire is effective. It makes for an interested, and constant, choice.

We both played the US... The insurgents have a fake AI of sorts, in which they move in certain directions in certain priorities (closest to enemy at highest altitude, etc). As I said, it is a fun little rule set and clearly made for pushing toy soldiers around and having fun!

Thanks for coming by!