Sunday, January 4, 2015

A bunch of money shots of the new 15mm Modern Middle East terrain

Just two shots to show off the new 15mm Modern Middle Eastern scenery... the oil unit, the fencing for it, the gas station island, the fences for the yard, the middle-of-the-street dividers/planters, the propane tank, and the shipping crates... all new, thanks to some inspiration and a few hang-outs with a buddy!

In the top shot you can see the new propane tank, the new air conditioner unit on the roof, the new gas station pumps, the new gas holding tank, and the fencing

Here is another shot, showing off more new fencing, the shipping containers, and the center-road-dividers.

A building boasting a new awning.

A building with a new bit of paint.

Another building with new paint.

Some nice gold balcony work.

The new mosque (courtesy of Christmas!)

The shipping containers, finally dug out and painted!


DeanM said...

Very cool! Nice looking terrain there.

Ray Rousell said...

Nice looking terrain!

Chris Stoesen said...

Looks great. Very nice terrain.

kenneth van pelt said...

I love the Mosque for Christmas.
I too am getting into the modern era. I am going with 1/285th.