Sunday, January 11, 2015

Some fantastic 6mm Napoleonics

Hi all!

A buddy of mine purchased a FANTASTIC collection of painted 6mm Napoleonics down at Fall In.  I mean, they are BEAUTIFUL.  Of course, they are all he will ever need... although he then went and bought a ton of unpainted figures to add to it!

Anyway, here are a few photos!:)


Chasseur said...

Agreed, they are stunning!

mark callahan said...

Hello- thanks for posting those 6mm mini's pictures... I painted & based them! Its very good indeed that they have found a good home. Just curious, where are you located? Have they traveled the oceans? I live near Boston Massachusetts.

Author said...

That's excellent! My buddy just bought them down at Fall In, and he lives in northern NJ. Why did y ou end up selling them?

mark callahan said...

I sold them as there was no one here interested in doing 6mm nappys. Since I am sort of an eclectic gamer and painter I wanted to give 6mm a try. So I made them up and it was fun to put whole regiments\battallions on the same stand. I used floral wire for the flags and added the dice holders to record unit strengths. (I know I'm out of my mind). By the way you have a fantastic website and I am very impressed with your work and blogging. Keep up the excellent work. Mark

muzik212 said...

Mark, I'm the new owner. Rest assured they have plenty of space to run and play! Where did you get the dice holders? They appear to be laser cut. I am painting up some Brunswickers and Highlanders to bolster the Brits and I'd love them to match exactly.


paulalba said...

Hi they are really stunning! I'm looking to do a couple of wee 6mm armies soon. Could you tell me what rules you use and how the basing is worked out. I love the idea of getting so many units on a base and what size bases do you use?


mark callahan said...

Hello Sean. The dice holders are from mini bits. I am sorry I do not remember what size the holders were... maybe 5mm? I do remember that there is a draft angle on the dice holders though. So when you are ready to glue them on to the base keep an eye out for that. Mark