Monday, September 30, 2013

The Wave 3 X-Wing ships arrive!

Hey all!

Well, my Wave 3 X-wing reinforcements have arrived!

Now, they were a little tougher to get than normal... I had a HUGE number of Barnes and Noble gift cards sitting around, and had planned to get them there.  But then it seemed that B&N didn't plan to carry the ships!  Arrrgghhh!  So I ended up selling a few of the cards online to sponsor these purchases, as I cannot really spend money on fun stuff if I can avoid it:(

So... two TIE Bombers, a Lambda Shuttle, two B-Wings, and, yes... even a HWK.  I hadn't planned on buying that ship, but figured I had the money and it was cheap. 

I would, however, like to repaint it... I think I'll paint it to match the other rebel ships, in a cream color... but does anyone have any recommendations for another scheme that might work?


Parzival of TMP said...

Great ships! Be careful folding down the wings of the shuttle; they do *not* go "all the way" (the gun barrels do not shift to horizontal, and aren't intended to; they will always be slightly angled).

I try to use gift cards too; it's just smart thinking. But don't give up on Barnes & Noble; though the online store doesn't sell the expansion packs, local B&N stores may stock them; mine does.

Greg Sapara said...

I second Parzival; I just picked up the HWK at my local B&N.