Saturday, September 21, 2013

My ACW Army Command is done!


Hi all!

Well, please welcome Brigadier General Christian K. Hurley, the commander of the Army of the Carolinas!

So, this is going to be the command for my "Longstreet" campaign Reb army!  While there is no need for command stands or anything like that in "Longstreet", I do feel like it is just too good of a toy soldiering opportunity to pass up!

Hurley is a tough man from North Carolina, having been in the United States army and having served in Congress before succession.  Here he can be seen getting a report from a cavalry scout while reviewing his maps with his second-in-command, Shane Hill. 

Now, while he might be a soldier now, Hurley also has excellent connections in Richmond, thanks to his time as a politician.  In fact, he is often able to procure exactly what his force needs in terms of supplies and reinforcements thanks to those connections.  Here you can see three fine men from both Richmond and Raleigh coming to see the General.

So!  Now the Army of the Carolinas is truly read to fight!  Next up... another Reb army under A.P. Hill!


Phil said...

Beautiful, a great command stand!

Simon Quinton said...

They look great mate. Nice little diorama for a command stand.

DeanM said...

Excellent looking vignette stands. Best, Dean