Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mountain Man conversions, and a peek at the work...

Hi all!

Well, a bit more work done on the Mountain Man scene, and I'll have more done soon as the LEDs have arrived, so I can work on finishing it up.

I did end up with the plan being I'd have two men in the scene but no donkey.  The donkey was just a bit big and awkward.  I also did some converting on the men.  I took one and cut him in half, and then sculpted some blankets around him.  He'll be sitting near the fire.  The other I had to gun a pistol away from and replace it with a rifle. 

Overall I think the work is going well... as long as I can figure out the light fixture in the top this should end up rather nice!


James Fisher, FINS said...

You know what they say about mountain men...?!

Author said...

Always wear a rubber?

Oh, wait, that's about mountin' men. Never mind.