Monday, September 9, 2013

First "Longstreet" force done... and my campaign plans!

Hi all!

Well, I got my starter Longstreet army all finished up... well, my FIRST starter Longstreet army!  These are all figures I painted when I was ten, and I added a little to the bases and dipped them.  Voila!  Perfectly acceptable for wargaming!

It is three units of 10 infantry stands each.  Also eight stands of cav, and some guns!  No commander yet, but I'll paint him up fresh for the army.  Yeah yeah, I know I don't need a commander, but you can't have an army without a commander!

But here is the thing... I am not going to use this army.

Because here is my plan:  I am actually going to use a bunch of units I painted when I was ten, and when I was that old most of my Reb units ended up in very nice, neat, uniform uniforms:)  So, I am actually going to make sure my army is ALL men in proper, matching uniforms! 

Then, as the army progresses through the years, I'll actually touch them up a bit and replace some figures and make them look a bit more ragged as each year goes on.  Different colored pants, jackets... hats will change... the guys will look more and more ragged, so that by the end of the campaign the units will be just worn to tatters.  I'll also be adding casualties to bases, one per unit to represent each stand lost in combat.  On top of that I plan to make the flags more and more ragged, and add battle honors as well.

So, I think it should look pretty cool as the army progresses over time!


David Larkins said...

Hey, that's a really interesting idea! Looking forward to seeing those Rebs get more ragged.

Phyllion said...

Changing the army over time is quite a neat idea - look forward to its development