Thursday, September 5, 2013

So... which of these?

Hi all!

Okay, time to make a decision...

Working on my father-in-laws gift of the mountain men scene.

I just don't know which to use!

Do I use the pack at the top, and do something with the two guys who are outlined in red?  The guy at the top would be the primary figure, but I don't love his gun... the guy with the poncho, I think, would be in the background near the fire, but I think I'd need to carve away that gun... or maybe use the guy on the top left or bottom left, and carve the gun away?

Or do I use the pack pictured above,and do some serious greenstuff work on two of the three outlined guys?

Just not sure:(

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sonsoftaurus said...

Reaper also makes some mountain man types, in the chronoscope and savage worlds lines.