Friday, September 6, 2013

Mountain Man scene underway!

Hi all!

Well, I got a bit done on the "Mountain Men" scene.  Above you can see what I putting together.  I need to get a few more tree tops, obviously...  I messed with making the front piece of wood a bit taller than the sides, to obscure the "base" that the cliff and tree tops are sitting on; I am hoping that helps make the tree tops look more like they are disappearing into the woods below, instead of just sitting on top of some wood:)

As for the cliff itself, I think it will look very, very sharp.  You can see the piece of bark above left that I used for it.  It took a bit of work to get looking right, but I think at this point it is looking good.  To the right you can see the cliff all finished up and freshly painted.  At that point it had only three trees, but I think I'll use four... it balances the scene a bit better.  That said, it also reduces the footprint of the cliff a lot, so we'll see... I still need to get a donkey, fire, supplies, and at least one mountain man on there!

The trees themselves are VERY trimmed... basically, whatever you cannot see is trimmed flat.  It was the only way to get the trees into the scene and not have them take up too much room.

Waiting on the snow to arrive... then I can start getting to work actually getting this thing painted up.  Also I am waiting on the wiring to arrive... there will be the LED fire on the cliff, and a blue LED light at the top too.

BTW, to the left here is a REALLY rough mock-up of what I am thinking it will look like when the wood is stained and the background is in.

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