Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Army of the Carolinas is ready!

Hello all!

Well, my first "Longstreet" army is ready for our campaign!

I am calling this force The Army of the Carolinas.  Three regiments of infantry, one of cavalry, and a battery of artillery.

Here is my first regiment of infantry; ten stands of eager recruits from the 11th South Carolina, under the command of Colonel Michael Laettner.  I've painted up a hero marker and a sharpshooter marker for them, if they ever need them... I just wish I had a kneeling figure with a kepi for all these units.

In the background you can see my regiment of cavalry, the North Carolina Irregulars, a motley crew of cavaliers and gentlemen who will be counted on guarding the flanks of the army and getting guns where I need them quickly.

Here is my second regiment of infantry, the 31st North Carolina.  Their commander, Colonel Grant Williams, leads ten stands of eager recruits into combat.  Again, I painted up a sharpshooter and hero marker for the regiment to use in case I need them.

In the background you can see my first battery, the 1st North Carolina Artillery.  Three guns; two 6lb guns and a howitzer.

Here is my final regiment, also from North Carolina, the 33rd North Carolina under Colonel Jason Hill.  Again, as the war is just starting, this regiment is made up of ten stands of eager recruits, and has a sharpshooter and hero marker ready and waiting!

Here is a group shot of the flags of the three regiments of infantry; two "Stars and Bars" and one state flag from North Carolina.

I am missing my commanders right now... I don't have the figures yet for the command stand, but I'll get them done soon enough.

So, that is my Longstreet campaign force!  Made up of figures I painted when I was ten (except for the markers), touched up so they can pass muster... now it is time to watch them get slaughtered.

I have a bunch of other finished Longstreet figures, including a Federal army, about finished up... I'll post them shortly.

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David Cooke said...

Fantastic! To my eye these regiments have so much more character than the usual.