Sunday, October 6, 2013

Final "Longstreet" heroes and sharpshooter markers done

Hi all!

Well, I wanted to get the last of my Longstreet work up... namely, the three commanders for the armies I did for some other guys (these guys will double as hero markers) and three sharpshooter markers.

The heroes turned out pretty good... I did one in a red shirt, sort of like A.P. Hill's battle shirt (although he wore a jacket over his I would imagine...)  I might actually get a little green stuff to do a small beard on that figure.

The sharpshooters were fairly simple, although for the two federal armies I decided to do Berdan's... they just look good, as long as you need to do sharpshooters!

So... good stuff!:)


Jim said...

They look great GP! Can't wait to have AP Hill take on those dirty Yanks!

Phil said...

Excellent work!