Sunday, October 27, 2013

Some "Longstreet" photos and a great AAR!

 Hi all!

Well, our "Longstreet" campaign is underway!  I have some photos from two different games.  The one I played in, while a huge 4 v 4 15mm game, was not too spectacular for me... my troops never really fought before the Federals skeddadled... I think I rolled maybe six dice in total:)

That said, I DID get a few photos, which I will post soon.

The better photos, however, came from a 1 v 1 game between one Union commander and a fellow Reb, who happens to be none other than the game designer himself, Sam Mustafa!  I took a few photos of the game (25mm figures just look so nice!) but Sam also writes up an AAR after each game to share with the group.  He said he wouldn't mind if I copy/pasted here, because... well, it is great fun!  So, without further ado... The Battle at Shawnee Wood!  And at the end I included the roster sheet, post-battle.


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Phil said...

Beautiful pictures and armies!