Thursday, November 7, 2013

Destroyed AGAIN in X-Wing

Well... a week or two ago, I got in another game against my regular X-Wing opponent... the same guy who DESTROYED me last time!  This time we switched sides, and I commanded the Rebels!

 Here is my force.  I went rather elite-heavy... Ibtisam with a Stealth upgrade and elusiveness (I think?), Tycho with Push the Limit, Stealth, and assault missiles, and Dutch Vander with an R2 unit and an ion turret.

My opponent went with a TIE swarm of Academy pilots and Soontir Fel with Push the Limit.  Uh oh.

We went right at each other to start, with me having the idea to hit him with assault missiles ASAP, using the target lock from Dutch to help... but like idiots we messed up the turn order and made the HIGHER PS pilots go first... so I went from being out of range to TOO CLOSE to fire my missile!  Not a good start.

The two fleets went right into each other, dealing out damage... and my Y-Wing was blown away shortly after taking this photo and before he even got to use the R2 unit or the Ion turret. 

I had a very hard time with Ibtisam and elusiveness because he shot first, and so got that stress from it AFTER he had already shot, making it a bit of a waste.  Still, the B-Wing is a beast and had no problem mixing it up.  But there were a LOT of TIE fighters out there at VERY close range...

The fight ended up being an INSANELY up-close-and-personal one, and I just could not get my A-Wing far enough away from the enemies to hit them with an assault missile... it went wasted the entire game.  Along with the R2 and the Ion turret.  Just like Vader and my concussion missile last game.  I suck.

Finally Tycho found himself surrounded by TIEs at close range and blown away.  My B-Wing went down shortly thereafter, with the Empire only losing maybe one TIE fighter at most.  Overall it was a total disaster...

... although not as big a disaster as what I'll show you in my next post!:)

Good times!  I am really hoping I can pull it together, because as of now my X-Wing games have been pretty bad!:)

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David Cooke said...

Well look forward to the next report then!!