Saturday, November 9, 2013

Some GREAT Napoleonic eye candy!

Hi all!

Well, my two "Longstreet" reports might have to wait (have a lot of typing to do!) but there was also a pretty beautiful Napoleonic game being played down at the club, so I thought I'd post some pure eye candy!  Make sure to click to see them at full size!




Gregory said...

Wow! Great looking figures. Do you happen to know what the rules were? Looks a bit like Lasalle.

Phil said...

Beautiful pics!

Author said...

Glad you guys enjoyed! I was so happy to see lots of really nicely painted figures myself:)

Not sure about the rules, as I wasn't in that game, sorry!:)

DeanM said...

Huge amount of lovely troops!

Stryker said...

Great Napoleonic eye-candy!