Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall In 2013 - The Vendors!

Well, it was Fall In weekend!  Huzzah!  Stupid me, I've sort of made a habit of carrying my HUGE camera around and taking photos, and would feel guilty if I didn't this time... so, some photos!

For this first blog post I'll show you the toy soldiers for sale!

(And btw, most pictures can be individually clicked on and made large... especially with the miniature vendors I left the photos huge so you can check out the figures!)

First up, the Flea Market!  I dropped by the Flea Market a few times, just to see what was there, and honestly was impressed by a lot of what was there!  So... snapped a few photos of some goodies before they disappeared!:)

Some fantastic Flames of War figures...

A GREAT box of old school Rebs... honestly, if I wasn't a cheapo elementary school teacher I would have thought about buying these... whoever got them I am sure appreciated them!

A great American army for the Ardennes.

So... now, into the Vendor Hall!

Look at these 28mm moderns... beautiful, right?  I LOVED the Afghans especially.  I believe this was at the Eureka Miniatures stand!

A bunch of assorted figures from Age of Glory.

And a little more from Eureka Miniatures!

Of course, no Fall In would be complete without a visit to my fellow Dukie, Chris Hughes over at Sash and Saber!  I love his figures so much!

These were new... VMI cadets!  They are noticeably more slender and smaller than regular guys, and looked great.

Here is their command!

Ahhh, John Mayer and his Buildings in Turmoil line!  REALLY beautiful stuff, and he finishes them SO well... and sells them painted at only double the cost of unpainted.  Good stuff... and they sponsored a GREAT game I'll post more photos of later:)

One of the many individual tables... guy had a HUGE Zulu army for sale.  It was a bit overpriced I though, but still really huge.

Has ANY wargames business expanded quicker than Scott Washburn's Paper Terrain?  He occupies half the dealer hall now!  And again... I want it all.

That vauban fortress is AMAZING, right?

The Architects of War stand is just HUGE now, with SO many Perry miniatures... so, here is the start, their Uncivil War line.

More painted miniatures.

And MORE painted miniatures.

ADORE this background...

And some Perry Miniatures buildings...

And a Perry surgeon kit!  LOVE the Architects of War guys for all the beautiful stuff they bring along.

Was happy to see Doug over at Battlefield Terrain Concepts, of course... I get SO sad when I see their huge pieces because I want them so badly... but I might have to sell my son to afford them:)  Oh well... someday!

I think I posted these last year, but crap, ANOTHER set of buildings I want.  Thanks, Miniature Building Authority.  And yes, the roof comes off on all those 15mm ACW houses.

The Sgt Major Miniatures stand is always packed with figures, including some VERY strange but very neat ones!

Loved these chem suit future figures... if I played 40k I would make an army of these guys.  Or, better yet, the guys with the big bushy beards!

Check out these excellent Perry French "Retreat from Russia" guys from Pictor's Studio!

Okay... I think these were from the Toy Soldier Gallery!  Love a whole "set" of figures nicely stored in one, compact box!

These beautiful samurai are DEFINITELY Evil Bob's!

So, this beautiful 40mm AWI army has been on Rick O'Brien's table for awhile... he ISN'T just a Flag Dude!  But they found a home this weekend, so no more staring enviously at those militia!

More random beautiful toy soldiers!

I got some GREAT 15mm resin storage containers from Highlander Studios... cheap and perfect for my 15mm moderns!

And finally, check out the BEAUTIFUL 40mm AWI figures from Trident Miniatures, being sold at the show by Chris over at Day of Battle games.  Really great figures with a lot of character.

So!  I hate to say it, but I had to delete a TON of vendor photos to make room for game photos... but I hope this gives you an idea of some of the more fun things there were to look at in the Vendor Hall, and maybe even push you to make a "Fall In Lives!" purchase of something you WANTED to buy but didn't!:)

Next blog post... the games!  And give me time... I've got 150 photos to work through:)

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afilter said...

Excellent pics...loved the DOG in the Afghan display...of course there should be at least a dozen. :) So many toys , so little time and money. Look forward to your next entry.