Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fall In 2013 - The Purchases!

Hey all!

Well, FINALLY, my last Fall In post... namely, the purchases!

Now, I am an elementary school teacher, so unfortunately my toy soldier purchases can't be too grand.  I'd love to buy a huge army of figures, but that just isn't reasonable for me:)  Thankfully there are still lots of neat things to buy!

At the top is a great purchase; a $4 bridge for my 15mm ACW collection from the Flea Market!  I want to do some work to it, but frankly I think it will work great:)

A box'o'bases from Gale Force 9!  Now, they were very kind, and counted this as taped shut:)

I got mainly square and rectangular bases for armies, but included a smattering of other sizes as well, in case I need them for some random project... it always helps to have a few around!

Here is a bunch of clump foliage, bought so I can remake my forests for my 10mm Napoleonic collection to look like those over at 6mm ACW!

Some modeling supplies!  Some silver and gold paint, and a bunch of clumps of grass for basing, some of which are from BTC.  I needed all of this, and I'd rather get it and not pay shipping while supporting the vendors at Fall In!

Some minis from Old Glory!  Some ACW casualties for my Longstreet army, and then some 15mm technicals for my moderns.  Unfortunately they only had "black" crew available, but a few headswaps should work.

And finally some lovely 15mm shipping crates, also for my 15mm moderns.  These guys are from Highlander studios, and just SO useful!

So!  That's what I picked up! Nothing fancy, but PLENTY useful.  Can't wait to get that bridge together!:)

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Cincinnatus said...

Nice loot. So disappointed we had a conflict and couldn't make FALL IN! You can always get such great deals from the vendors.