Sunday, December 15, 2013

15mm Technicals finished

Hi all!

Well, I did buy a few figures at Fall In, and thought I'd get them painted up!

These are a trio of 15mm technicals from Old Glory miniatures.  The crew is also from Old Glory, although I had to do some head swaps and green stuff work, as they only had the African heads, and not the Middle Eastern heads in stock.  I did put a passenger in the red one (you can see his AK sticking out the side) and added a guy with an AK and a guy with an RPG to the beds of two of the trucks... I just think these look better with a lot of dudes on them!

I tried to make them look really ragged and dirty, and overall I think they turned out okay.  I went with a white truck, a blue truck, and a red truck... those Toyotas you see are always those colors.  Unfortunately in the photos you really can't see all of the work that went into them... the colors are REALLY varied, and the trucks have dents and the like.

Unfortunately there is an issue... what I *THOUGHT* was some sort of line in the truck itself (along the side) is clearly, upon painting, a mold line.  A really, really REALLY bad mold line.

Like... bad.

So... I think I am going to have to do some scrapping and repainting, because honestly those lines are all I can damn see now.

So, got some work ahead of me, matching paints and colors.

BTW, below is a shot so you can see them in scale with a few of my American pieces of armor!


WarRaptor said...

Those look really nice.

WarRaptor said...
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Phil said...

Very nice work!