Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall In 2013 - The Game I Played (and bonus stuff!)

Hey all!

Well, as usual, I signed up for a game at Fall In this year, and as always, I signed up for the biggest Carnage and Glory game I could find... The Road to Leipzig!  Generally they do BEAUTIFUL games, and they are simple and fun, sooooo... sign me up!

And please do click... the pictures get LARGE.

Above is a shot that I sort of stitched together (ignore the bad job) to give you a feeling for the whole battlefield as the game rolled on!  On the left our French forces (near side) took the stone buildings to serve as our left flank... we then linked our line up with the village in the center, and tried to hold the enemy off on the right hand side.

Enemy Prussians advance across the field at us in the center.

More enemy troops advance on our right, Russians this time..

The Prussians plunge right into the village in the center, and our French prepare to throw them out.

A shot from the enemy's side of the table, as Austrians advance in the center and on our left.

Here you can see a few of my units in skirmish order engaging the village.

Another shot of my skirmishers firing at the village, whittling down the Prussian defenders... in the center you can see where one of our French units plunged RIGHT down the main street and threw the enemy back!

The Prussians begin to pour out around the sides of the town, but fire from the village (which we took quickly) whittles down the enemy.

The right hand side comes under HEAVY enemy attack (Russians this time) while the French attempt to hold them off.

Here is a succession of shots down our line.  This is our far left, where the Austrians are advancing.

The center.  The three units in reserve at the back and the skirmishers to the far right in front of the woods were my command.

The center of the table, where the Prussians are attacking.

The far right, which is starting to crumble juuuussstt a little under the Russian attack.

The French plunge into the oncoming Prussians, who are caught unprepared!

Our center pushes forward to meet the oncoming enemy, who begin to abandon the village.

The French forces roll through the village and up the center, crushing the Prussians backwards on top of themselves.  Note the one French unit that pushed ALL the way up the road and is now in the rear of the Prussian lines!

As the French line on the left advances the Austrian columns counterattack!

Napoleon himself oversees the fight!

And the game grinds to an end, six hours in... the fight on the far right grinds down as the Russians and French troops there are exhausted... the enemy Prussians in the center have been largely crushed... and the Austrian counterattack on the left falters, as they had already been battered in earlier battles and could not stop the French advance.

And here is that aforementioned French unit which plunged straight through the enemy lines and survived enemy fire and cavalry charges and made it ALL the way through the game unbeaten, earning battle honors as well!

Oh, and as an added bonus... the ACW game that was being played next to ours!

The Rebs advance on the Federal position.

The peak of combat!

Oh, and another shot of a MESS of troops from the other Carnage and Glory in our room, the Battle of Novi!

So... another beautiful Carnage and Glory game... thanks to all the guys, including Nigel who ran it!:)  I'll sign up again next year!


Chasseur said...

Wonderful looking figures and terrain!

A.P. said...

Nice pictures. Really like the blog. I am the guy who was playing the French with you on the left.


A.P. said...

Nice pictures. Enjoy the blog. I as the guy playing the French with you on the left.


James Fisher, FINS said...

Lovely pictures. It would have been a great game to be involved with. I presume, given the forces involved and the terrain, that it was the southern sector of Leipzig on 16th October?
Thanks for posting!

Author said...

It was indeed, good eye! Glad you liked the look of it! Those guys ALWAYS do nice tables.

And Adam, I thought we did well!:) Thanks for taking this relative newbie under your wing:)