Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall In 2013 - The Games!

Hey all!

Well, here they are... the games!

Now, I personally thought the overall level of games was the highest I've seen at Fall In.  LOTS of big, good looking games from all sorts of periods.

So... I didn't get shots of EVERY game, but I got as many as I could... I ran out of space on my memory card at one point and had to cut a few! 

Also, I've numbered the photos so if you know anything about the person who ran it, let me know!

1.  Got to be Napoleonics, right?

2.  A big 15mm Napoleonics game.

3.  Loved the Napoleon figure, being shown all of the captured enemy flags!

4.  Rebs prepare to march onto the field!

5.  British soldiers in a last stand against Native Americans?

6.  A fantastic 28mm ACW siege.

7.  The boats bring their guns to bear in the siege.

8.  Federal troops prepare to assault the Rebel lines!

9. A beautiful 28mm Cowboy game!

10.  More of that game.

11.  A Federal camp is under thread by Confederates.

12.  The far right flank on Paul Olszanski, Dennis Kalember and Gwen Reeves's 15mm Gettysburg table... you can see the two Round Tops and the Devils Den.  The great buildings were all from John Mayer's Buildings in Turmoil range (and were sold right off the table, along with the table itself!)

13.  The center of Gettysburg.

14.  You can see the Seminary and Gettysburg itself here on the far left.

14a.  A closeup of the Devils Den!

15.  A cool 28mm Samurai game, the "Defense of Anjiro," which used the "Ronin" ruleset and even included GM mandated death poems!  I missed them, unfortunately... but talk about rubbing it in.  Yikes.

16.  The Samurai themselves!

17.  A 15mm WWII game.

18.  Lots of Napoleonics!

19.  The Carnage and Glory guys do the AWI!

20.  More Carnage and Glory, this time Napoleonics ready to get on the field.

21.  15mm Napoleonics cross the bridge!

22.  That is a lot of sand for those 28mms... but I don't know much about who they are!:)

23.  A great looking WWII game.

24.  An absolutely HUGE 28mm Roman table!

25.  More of those Romans!

26.  A packed 15mm ACW table.

27.  Those Carnage and Glory guys again, with more Napoleonics!

28.  And more of that game...

29.  And MORE of that game...

30.  And yet more!:)

31.  15mm Napoleonics.

32.  More of those Napoleonics.

33.  More of the Carnage and Glory AWI!

34.  Some more of their AWI.

25.  Carnage and Glory guys do Napoleonics.

26.  And more Napoleonics...

27.  And more...

28.  And more!

29.  28mm Ancients.

30.  28mm Sudan using "The Sword and The Flame" rules.  Beautiful!

31.  More WWII. 

32.  Okay, one more Carnage and Glory Napoleonics shot... sorry they are out of order:)

33.  Not sure, but it looked great!:)

34.  15mm Napoleonics.

35.  Some very pretty 28mm AWI.

36.  More from that game.

37.  And a bit more.

38.  And some more!

39.  And a bit more!

40.  Those are a LOT of Rebels!

41.  The Russians cross a river, 1943.

42.  More Rebs prepare to enter the table.

43.  28mm.

44.  Gotta be WWI, right?

45.  VERY small ships blast each other to matchsticks!

46.  28mm Rebs advance into combat!

47.  Not sure on this one, sorry!

48.  Some great WWII tanks cross the fields of Europe!

49.  Whoops!  More of that Gettysburg table!

50.  Great "Gangs of Rome" table!  Note the removable roof!

51.  Some 15mm Napoleonics.

52.  28mm Moderns.

53.  Mini-Mech warfare... LOVE those buildings, made out of simple wooden pieces but SO effective at that size!

54.  A GREAT game from !  I was JUST talking about his blog and his trees LITERALLY as I turned the corner and saw the game.  SO stealing those.

55.  6mm ACW troops prepare to enter the field.

56.  More 6mm ACW figures!  So nice, and with tents made from cereal boxes!:)

57.  More pretty Carnage and Glory guys.

58.  More Carnage and Glory, ACW this time.

59.  MORE Carnage and Glory, Napoleonics this time.

60.  Yet more...

61.  And more...

62.  And more!

63.  Some 28mm WWII... check out the open buildings from FourGround!

64.  More great 28mm WWII.

65.  Really pretty 28mm knights!

66.  My favorite of the show... a STUNNING 28mm Samurai game!

67.  More of those Samurai.

68.  And more...

69. And more...

70.  And more...

71.  And yet more!

72.  And finally, some great 15mm Moderns from the (Balu Baluk Ambush)!! game. 

So... those are the games I got shots of!  More tomorrow in the "Games I played!" post!:)


Jim Hartman said...

Fantastic photos! Thanks for taking the time to let us see all these great games.

Chuckaroobob said...

Hi, Great pictures! #30 was the Sudan in 25mm using The Sword and The Flame.

Cory said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

Glenn said...

Wow. So many great pictures.

LippaWargammer said...

hey nice blog i was at Fall-In and i played the Balu Baluk Ambush game but i think i played at a different time because the village was closer tot he table edge and they had the trenches put out on the table before we started, great game, sort of getting into FoF, great system.