Thursday, October 27, 2011

Doug K at Battlefield Terrain Concepts does me a solid!

Hey all!

Well, while I do love the arrival of the new guy, he HAS made it impossible for me to attend Fall In!  I am sad about that... my buddy and I travel down there and drink and look at toy soldiers and buy stuff and generally it is awesome.  I also love taking photos of the games and dealer hall and then revisiting it when I miss it!  But what can you do.

However, I did get a gift card some time back for Battlefield Terrain Concepts for Christmas!  Talk about a great gift:)  However... now I won't get to use it!  That sort of stinks, because they make pretty cool terrain!  The corn at the top of this post is there, as is the hill to the left (which was actually a housewarming gift from my buddy!)

So, I got in touch with Doug K at BTC and let him know about having a gift certificate that I can't use.

And what did he do?  He agreed to let my buddy "redeem" it for me and pick some scenery up for me!  So I'll just mail it to him, and in return I get some neat scenery even though I cannot make it to Fall In this year!

Anyway... it is always nice when someone takes care of someone in the toy soldier hobby, and I am real thankful to Doug for taking care of me!

And if you need some scenery, be sure to stop by there awesome stand... these Spanish buildings to the right are from BTC as well!

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