Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chateau is glued down, flocked, and getting close to finished

Hey all!

Okay, had to set up the outside workbench for this step... AND go through a LOT of flock... but the chateau is coming along!

Here is a shot of the courtyard.  You can see a few of the "extras" I am painting up to scatter in there, including some barrels and some crates.  You can also see some grey gravel in front of the doors... that is proper colors now.

I have to figure out how to mount the doors... here you can see a failed mechanism.  However, I am including the small stone wall to indicate that the door is barricaded.

The corner.  You can see the back door of the farmhouse here.

The back side.  You can see a bit of grey scatter here... that is in front of several doors that didn't get grass and needs to be painted to match the other ground.

Angle shot of the back side.

Here is a shot with the roofs off... I painted the insides black for now.

I am not sure how detailed to do the inside.  I am tempted to leave it, but the idea of a semi-finished interior is awful tempting.

I have a buddy who jokingly said "Drop it off here for a month and I'll do it."  He loves doing the interior stuff, and LOATHES leaving stuff half-finished.  As a sample, here is some interior work he has done in the past.

So... do I attempt it myself?  Or drop it off at his place and let his natural instinct to model (and his inability to not work on something in front of him?) knock it out? :) 

Anyway... some outdoors work left to go, but most of it small-scale.  Then the interiors, and then off for sale!

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Giles said...

Lord A, that is a fantastic piece. You must be very proud of how it looks now it's finished. It looks great!

Best wishes