Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chateau interiors WIP... nearly done!

Howdy folks!

Okay, with some advice from some folks I got working on the chateau interiors.

I did the outbuildings with a stone floor, white painted interiors, and simple framing of the doors.  The stone floors I think turned out fairly cool... the dark spots from the glue are a bit noticeable with the flash, but in person they look fine.  Now I have to go back and touch up the white, create a few horse stall walls, scatter some hay in there (what should I use for that I wonder?) and maybe do a few crates or something in the corners.

The farmhouse I did a bit more on.  I added an upstairs, with a wooden floor and a rug.  I cut out a bit of a space for the chimneys so it would fit on easier (even though it leaves a little space when the floor is installed.  I also left a spot for where the stairs come up, which serves double duty as a finger hole for removing the floor!

When you remove it, you get a downstairs as well, that is split into two rooms.  It isn't totally finished (I need to do something to make the foam that holds up the second floor a little less ugly, but not sure what) but it is near to finished... again, a rug on the floor of the main room, as well as a fireplace (which you cannot see in this photo.)

Of course, now I am running into another question; do I do some basic furniture for it?  I could make some, which would be fiddly... or I could buy some, but would the money spent end up adding value when I sell the whole thing?  Not sure.

BTW... if anyone out there likes the looks of it and is considering purchase and has any questions, let me know at grenadierguardscampaigns AT  !

Thanks for all the help folks!

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Ray Rousell said...

A great building with some nice added bits, I'd definitely add some simple furniture, it just adds that little more to the effect, not sure where you'd buy it from though??