Saturday, October 15, 2011

Now THIS is some OLD SCHOOL Warhammer!

Hey all!

Okay... was going through some old boxes of figures (a gent across the pond is interested in buying them) and thought I'd share what I found... some SERIOUSLY old school Warhammer figures!  For some it will be fun to reminisce... for others it may be a first time you see them!  Please forgive the paintjob... I was very young!

Some elf wardancers... these were the height of my childhood painting!

A bunch of old school elves... Skarlocs rangers (minus Skarloc and the wardancer guy who was the unit champ) some beastmasters with their animals, Elric, and the guy from a cool four horse chariot (which I couldn't find, dammit!)

Old school elf dragon rider.  He came off his base, but is fine.

Some representatives of THE original plastic set... missing from the photo are the dwarf and the elf!

An awesome regiment of black orcs with halbards.  LOVE the musician with the cymbals, and the champ with the BIG sword.  A very cool unit.

Rugluds Armored Orcs, minus the boss himself... also two random crossbow guys, and two OLD school Citadel orcs... some of the very first released I think.

Some more of the original plastic orcs, a cool orc warboss on a boar, an old school goblin chariot with swordsman and shaman, and a GREAT orc warboss on a wyvern (his wing is off but can easily be reattached.)

Agh, cannot remember the name of this skeleton unit (which is missing a few figures.)  Anyone remember it?

Argh!  Forgetting this one too!  A Dark Elf unit... something like Mengels Manhides?  Note it was half witch elves and half warriors!

Some GREAT original chaos dwarves... plus an original Jugg, some older chaos warriors, and a GREAT chaos mage:)

A few more elves.

Some original Golfags ogres!  I have a standard bearer and another trooper somewhere... I'll have to find them.

Here is that giant, pictured with a Foundry russian for scale.  Notice the painted toenails and fingernails... my giants are FIERCE, baby!

Two of the eight hobgoblins... seven are the trooper to the right.  I think I may have a standard bearer for them, I'll have to look.

The trolls!  I do love the old school GW trolls:)

Anyway... it was a lot of fun to look through these guys... hope everyone enjoys them!

Sorry everyone, these guys have found homes!  Thanks though!


The Lord of Excess said...

Really nice collection of some super cool old school citadel figs!! You could run one hell of a authentic feeling old school D&D game with all that stuff (or 1st ed Warhammer Fantasy Role Play game!)!

sirlarkins said...

Ah, War Dancers. Doesn't get more 80s than that.

Those Black Orcs strongly remind me of Nick Lund's Fantasy Warriors line for Grenadier. Did he sculpt for Citadel too, I wonder?

What is it with beginning painters not wanting to do washes and highlights? I was guilty of the same. A few years ago I got out some of my old minis and gave them a wash and some highlights--presto! They looked great once I was done.

Author said...

Yeah, adore the wardancers:) They are VERY 80s with that hair:)

Not sure about the Black Orcs. They are awesome figures though... a bit old school, but very bad ass:)

And hey, I was young! I was probably ten when I painted those, and it was before the internet or anything like that... no place to see other examples of work. And back then I don't know if people USED washes... it was maybe the mid 80s? Hey, I was using testors pains!:) It is crazy to see new painters today, who have so many resources and examples... I don't think I had those!:)

ZeroTwentythree said...

The skeletons are the Nightmare Legion. And you are correct, those are Mengil Manhide's dark elves.

There was (I believe) actually a set of Golfags Ogres before those ones. I've also saved the ones you have in your photo from my clearing out of old figures. I'm sad I got rid of many of the others, though.

Great treasures you've got there!

sirlarkins said...

Heh, I too went the Testor's route for the first year or so. Hey, it was good enough for model cars and planes, right?

I actually knew better regarding shading--I had access to a Dragon magazine "Through the Looking Glass" article that talked about shading and highlights. I turned my nose up at such concepts, though. "Natural light will provide the shading and highlights!" I reasoned. Oh to be 12 again--wait a thanks.

122nd NYVI said...

This is great stuff!!! I found your blog referenced in my "Lasalle" rules and expected to find a cool Nappies site, but much to my pleasure, I find that you've got a lot of other interests as well. Not the least of interest to me, is the 80s vintage Citadel minis! I've got pretty much everything that you've posted. I still use my WFB minis from that period in my armies. I much prefer them compared to the current models. I'd be happy to look at a trade or purchase possibility of some of it if your deal with the other gentleman falls through. I'm not sure which side of the Pond you're on, but I'm in NY, USA.

BTW, those Black Orcs are Nick Lund models.

Thanks for sharing the great stuff!!! I'll be stopping by again.

122nd NYVI said...

I apologize if this post replicates the comment that I think I may have sent minutes ago, but I had to create an account after I typed it and I don't know if it got posted...

Anyway I came to this blog by way of "Lasalle" and the great pics of the 10mm Nappies. I am pleasantly surprised to find a much more diverse offering, not the least of which is the vintage 80s Citadel minis! I have just about all of the stuff that you've posted and I still use it in my WFB armies! I really enjoy these older minis and the majority of my armies are composed of this older stuff.

I don't know which side of the Pond you're on, but I'm in NY. USA and I'd be interested in discussing a trade/purchase of some of the minis if your deal with the other gentleman falls through.

I love the site, thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for the hobby with the rest of us!

Author said...

Hey all!

Thanks so much for coming on by! All of the guys are spoken for, but I do appreciate the interest, and of COURSE I appreciate the discussion! It is such fun to look at the guys:)

122nd, where are you in NY? I am afraid I already sold the guys to new homes, but if I come upon anything else of value I'll let you know!