Saturday, October 1, 2011

Okay, need some help... thoughts on mounting?

Okay, keep the randy jokes to yourself.  I mean the mounting of the chateau!

So... do I center mount it (as seen at right) with about 3 inches all around?  Bad side... harder to run a road right up to the edge.  Or do I offset a bit so you CAN run a road right up to the gate?  I would then have a bit of space on two sides I could fill in with a garden or something similar.



Anthony said...

Would it be possible to not mount it, so you have the flexibility to put it anywhere on a table? If you have to mount it, make the base only as large as you the same size as the model give or take about 1/2 inch.

Oh...and it looks great

scotty said...

I would have it off centre to meet the road and as you said it gives some room to add a few extra like a garden

MadDrMark said...

Given the two options, I would go with the offset one where you can connect the gate to a road. The garden idea sounds nifty!

Author said...

Nuts. I went with the center mount because I figured everyone would recommend that and I wanted to keep working. Darn. Now I am upset:(