Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trees for the chateau, and some extras painte

Okay, doing a little thinking about trees... I am obviously going to glue on some bushes, but I am thinking about doing a large tree as well... probably on the front left corner, but should it go elsewhere?

I am also a bit sorry that I didn't offset base now that I found six perfect little old school Warhammer trees that look SO much like trees from an orchard... that would have looked awesome.  I may have to do an accompanying orchard just because.  Here are three pictured to the right.

I also did up one of the sets of barrels... I based it so that it would both match the chateau grounds as well as be useful independently... so it looks best placed towards the side, where it hooks up with the grass already in the chateau, although it could be center placed if you wanted to.


Rodger said...

Yes, big tree on the corner. Chateau is looking really nice.

tidders said...

Mifty piece of work - c'est bon !

-- Allan

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

It's looking great so far!