Sunday, October 9, 2011

Advice on the chateau?

Hey all!

Okay... so, I have a plan for the interior of the farmhouse... floor in wood, walls in wallpaper.  I might do a second floor too... would be fairly simple to run a ring around the top and "set" a floor down on it.  We'll see, might be worthwhile.  You can see the basics to the right.

However, now I am not sure what to do with the barn and stable areas.  I am a bit torn... I think I'll paint the walls a simple white to represent the whitewash.  However, what about the floors?  Do I do the floors in the same wood as the farmhouse, to tie them together?  Or do I do paint it grey like a stone floor?

And what about interior walls?  Originally I was going to make a few standing stall walls for the stable that could be moved around as needed, but in my mind I was putting them in the barn, which is huge (the long building to the left in the photo to the left).  I realized that they would most likely be in the L shaped part of the building... namely the piece attached to the farmhouse, with the two big doors which look awful stable-like.  However, that part of the building isn't long enough to really hold any stable walls.  So... what do I do?  And what about the smaller building part at the end of the L shape from the farmhouse?  Should they all just be painted white interiors with wooden floors, and skip any interior walls?

So... anyone have any thoughts about what to do with the interiors of the outbuildings?  Wood floors okay?  What about interior stuff?

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Greg Sapara said...

I've been following your progress, and it looks fantastic!!

For the barn floor, I would do one of two things:

1. Stone floor, with lots of areas of built-up dirt


2. Dirt floor, with lots of hay and such strewn about.

I can't wait to see it being used in a game!