Saturday, November 5, 2011

What are these guys worth?

Hey all!

Found a bunch of Epic 40k guys that I am selling... anyone want to hazard a guess at what they might be worth?  I find that I have absolutely no idea!:D  It is a huge mixed box of guys, a bunch of Knights, an Imperator titan, some orc warbuggies, and some half sprues of chaos.

Any advice is welcome!


The Lord of Excess said...

Actually I'm in the same boat with a ton of imperial guard/ork stuff for epic :) It seems really hit and miss on ebay, I've checked a few times and seen things going for decent prices and then at other times seen stuff go at fire sale prices. I think the problem is epic is just so out of print that the buyer pool can be rather small at times. Good luck selling the stuff, if you find the right buyer I would guess you'd get a decent price.

The Lord of Excess said...

Full sized armies seem to go for over $100.00 pretty regularly and upwards of $200 or more if the lot is big enough.

sonsoftaurus said...

It could really vary. Not that many people play Epic anymore, and those that do often already have the stuff they want, driving prices down. But the stuff being out of production and less commonly seen than regular 40K stuff drives it up. Sometimes it will go for very little, sometimes for a good bit.

The Imperator titan should fetch a bit, as should the metal eldar knights. The chaos sprues look like the older ones with chaos dwarves, should be worth more than the newer style.

If I were to ebay it, I'd do one listing for the imperator, one for the metal eldar stuff, one for the plastic knights and sort the rest out by race (chaos, imperial marines, orks, eldar, etc).

I'd say you might get $75 or so for the lot, more if you're lucky.

Comintern said...

It really depends on how they are presented and really your timing. Considering all this stuff is out of production finding un-painted collections is harder and harder nowadays.

$100+ for a complete or semi complete force is a good starting place. Lower if they are incomplete or if you are dealing with an amalgamation of armies.

Comintern said...

Id be interested in purchasing if you could tell me the exact contents. I have thought about getting into Epic for awhile now and can never seem to have any luck on Ebay finding anything.

Darven Travos said...

I would be interested in the Warlord Titan. If you come up with a price let me know please.

Author said...

Hey man!

If you mean the imperator then sure... The original buyer isn't too interested in him. Shoot me an email at and we can set a price!