Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ohhh, things are quiet!

Hey all!

Just wanted to say that I'm sorry I haven't gotten much posted recently... we are smack dab in the toughest time of the year with work, and with that, three days of physical therapy a week for a bum shoulder, beginning to push to a finish on my latest video game project, and a six week old, I have just not found time for toy soldiers!

But fear not... I'll be back to posting soon:)


Paint-In said...

just a ridicilous question

What are the dimensions of your wargamestable, cant guess it but it seems pretty large from all the pictures ....

Ray Rousell said...

No probs!!! Get some sleep!!

Author said...

Hey guys!

The table is actually pretty small! 6.5 x 4. I couldn't fit a larger table in the space... I just keep very small figures on it!:)

Thanks for the understanding Ray:) Amazing how a guy so little can leave two adults so tired!