Saturday, August 19, 2017

Some palm trees added to my naval terrain...

Hey all!

Well, way back at Cold Wars, I found a great vendor at one of the flea market tables... they were selling little plastic baggies of trees and the like.

One of the things I got was a baggie of palm trees, with the idea of using them to flesh out my naval terrain... so, I did!

Here are a selection of islands with the trees added.  I kept two groups of three on their original bases, with a bit of paint around the edges to match the shorelines... I figure they will be useful as tiny little offshoots of main islands.

Overall I'm really happy with how they look... the scale is right, and you REALLY do need palm trees for these sorts of islands to look right!


Phil said...

Inspiring table, absolutly beautiful!

Efarel's World said...

wow !
Very nice table and, overall, you are writing a ruleset to use Pirates of the Spanish Main ship !!
Is there a chance to obtain and play your rules, even in a unfinished form ?
Let me know, thank you !