Thursday, August 24, 2017

6mm ninjas for my samurai collection...

Hey all!

Well, I am well on my way to finishing up my planned 6mm samurai collection, using Baccus 6mm figures.

But if I have to do so many standard units, why not have some fun and do some ninjas?

They are actually "neo ninjas" from Onslaught Miniatures... they are meant as a futuristic figure, but at that scale, how the hell can you tell?:)  They work just fine.  They have five poses, and look pretty sharp!

I ended up basing them more like counters than anything else, with one die holder... I'll figure out the rules eventually.  I was originally thinking about doing something fancy with the basing, but then figured I didn't want them moving around with big pieces of terrain, sooo... I might, at some point, do two more stands... maybe of them about to assassinate a daimyo or something?  That could be cool:)

Anyway... thanks for looking!

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ADB said...

Hang on - you cannot see a true ninja so these must be decoys...