Friday, August 25, 2017

Sam Mustafa's "Rommel" is released!

Hey all!

Sam Mustafa's latest, the massive-scaled WWII game "Rommel," is here!

"Rommel" is pretty unique in that it is one of the only miniatures game that takes place at SUCH a high level of operations.

Plus, with a completely open architecture, you are able to create almost any esoteric unit you can imagine.  Wait, the Germans had a unit of half of one tank, half another, with an excellent commander?  Excellent, you can make it!

Many playtesters have already spoken about how smooth the game is, and Sam has said that it might be one of his best ever.

Two things about "Rommel" compared to other recent "Honour" games.

First, there are no cards.  For me that is a shame, because I do enjoy how the cards reflect the period, but frankly the game does a GREAT job without them.

Second, the game is played on a grid table, rather than a simple tabletop.  While I blanched at this at first, I've certainly come around... give Sam's excellent podcast a listen, and he can explain the thought process behind it.  Suffice it to say, the guy thinks about stuff.  A lot:)

You can see, in all of these photos, that I've used small rocks to divide up the table into six inch grids.  Looks pretty good, no?

Anyway, for more info, check out Sam's website,! (Although when the game released his website crashed, so if it isn't up when you click the link wait a few minutes and try again:) )

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Stephen Holmes said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Rommel, but it's certainly not unique in its scale.

Operation Brevity has a similar scale, while Assault Gun, Hurrah Stalino, High Command, KISS Rommel (Potential for Confusion there), Megablitz and Bloody Big Battles address even higher echelons.