Thursday, August 24, 2017

Finished the rest of the 6mm ninjas... with a great one!

Hey all!

Well, I finished up two more stands of ninjas for my 6mm samurai collection, so huzzah!

I'm really happy with them.  I did another simple base of ninjas with just long wheat grass, and then my favorite one... a mini scene of three ninjas leaping out of the brush to assassinate an unexpecting daimyo!

Overall I feel like I really nailed these:)


Clint said...

This is not meant as a critism . It really is not.

Historically Ninja's NEVER wore black. I fully understand that in our modern culture they are usually portrayed as wearing black. The reason behind this is the "Kabuki" theatre in which stage hands were dressed head to toe in black and being a convention of that type of theatre things dressed in black the audience were taught to ignore as part of the performance. For example a portagist might move a chair in a play. This would result in a stage hand (dressed in black) picking up the chair and moving it. And while the audience would see the stage hand carrying out the task. The dictates of the stage play would mean he was not on stage and thus "Invisible".

Thus when an assassination was needed it a play it would be the stage hand (dressed in black) who would place the dagger against the actor. The audience would then see the dagger. and while the stage hand was perfectly visable to them the convention would be that he was invisible within the play.

That is why Ninjas are usually depicted as being in black, it has its roots in the theatre.

By which I mean no criticism of the painting or your choice to paint them black. They are your figures so it is entirely up to you. This is just to let you know that they would historically not be wearing black. Dark blue or dark green, brown or grey, even white in the snow. But historically not black.

Sorry about that I am now taking my meds and calling for the nurse before I fall off of the soap box.

Nice painting and I do like them and I am also sure I woud paint them black at 6mm just for convienience so players would know what they were....

All the best and no worries about the colour, just letting you know in case someone calls you out about it.

Steve J. said...

Very impressive and you definitely nailed the Ninjas suprise attack.

Preacher by day said...

Great! The ambush base is a very cool idea.

muzik212 said...

"... just letting you know in case someone calls you out about it." Um, I do believe that has already occurred.