Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The second 6mm Daimyo... done! Four units to go...

Hey all!

Well, my second daimyo is done!

I finished up the first one, and the four units that match him, so I said I'd reward myself with daimyo #2!

I went with a red clan.  The story is fairly simple... the daimyo is leaving his two lesser lords (green and yellow, each with their own guards and banners) on his way somewhere, his men forming up to watch him leave.

But is he leaving in time?  In the back of the stand are three ninjas, who have just killed the guard and are moving in!

Overall very happy with how it turned out... they are hard to photograph, but in person it is fairly bustling with activity, and you can really make our each individual little guy.

Here the command stand is with two regular clan stands.

So... four units to match the second daimyo, one of each type... gun, archer, horse, samurai... and the collection is done!

Oh, and I ordered about a hundred bucks of buildings from Mura Miniatures.  Fingers crossed they get here soon:)

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Clint said...

The Unit looks excellent.

I wish most people would paint as well as that in 28mm let alone 6mm