Friday, August 18, 2017

Some shots of all the finished 6mm samurai on the table...

Hey all!

Well, I threw my samurai on the table in between tables (I took apart my 25mm viking table, and am putting up a 10mm Napoleonic table) and thought I would take some photos!

There are a few units on here that I haven't photographed in finished shape... the pink unit of archers, and the two units in the same clan as the daimyo.

Here those two are.   My plan now is to finish two more units that match this daimyo, and then do my second daimyo and get four units done for him, too.  That will give me 20 units total (including the daimyo stands) which might be good enough for now... not counting my plans for ninjas:)

Anyway... so that is a bit on the samurai!

I'm on vacation for a few days away from the kids, so I took some photos of toy soldiers and will do a few blog updates... nice way to relax!:D


Michael Mills said...

Wonderful stuff! So much colour...

Barks said...

Very impressive! I like how each unit has it's own character.

Preacher by day said...


Unknown said...

Some really lovely figures - lots of colour. Wonderful stuff.

I'm looking to raise my own Samurai army in either 6mm or 10mm and have been inspired by this site, which you might find interesting :

You have probably already seen these buildings but just in case :

Looking forward to seeing more.