Saturday, April 22, 2017

Some current money shots of Dungeoncrawler...

Hey all!

Well, I've gotten some more stuff put together for my new dungeon crawl game, Dungeoncrawler (the name is an homage to a video game a buddy and I worked on!)  I got a few new bits put together (some mushrooms, doors, a bridge-and-crevice piece, some clerics, another statue) so I figured I'd get it all out there and take a few glamour photos!

Here, a human cleric and dwarf berserker take on some goblins.

A thief and a wizard prepare to defend against a horde of orcs crossing a narrow bridge over a bottomless crevice, a group of orc berserkers in the lead...

A heavily armored dwarven warrior an a human warrior are supported by a cleric as they do battle with a pair of massive ogres.

An elven mage, hobbit thief, dwarven cleric, and human warrior fight off the attack of some bellowing orcs, all commanded by a shaman.

 The orc warlord musters his troops at the foot of an ancient statue.

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David Billinghurst said...

Nice work! Love seeing some of the excellent Battle Valor Games figures in use - mine are mostly in armies though I do have ogres and ice trolls based as characters for AD&D