Sunday, April 9, 2017

A bunch of 15mm Battle Valour Dwarves painted!

Hey all!

Okay, so I know I mentioned this project after Cold Wars, but I've gotten started on my newest project!

So, at Cold Wars, I found a table of 15mm Fantasy figures from Battle Valour.

Now, I am not really a fantasy player, but when I saw the figures... wowzers.  They were BEAUTIFUL sculpts.  Just f'ing beautiful.  And the variety!  There were a dozen different races, each with bunches of different units.

So, I fell in love.  Right away.  And promptly bought a selection of dwarves to paint, because... they looked awesome:)

Here are the first few stands finished!

Now, I am not basing them the way you need to for Battle Valour's game, because I doubt I'll ever play, and I didn't really want to do a ranked up army; I have a lot of those already:)  I just wanted to do a quick skirmish-y looking force.

I bought a half pack of Dwarian axemen, a half pack of Dwarian Forgiven, and a character pack.  I've gotten a few of the characters painted (warlord on the bear, and the king being carried by his bannermen) and some of the axemen and forgiven... and damnitall, they just look SO so sharp!

(BTW, as an aside... be sure to note that some of the ranges at Battle Valour have two pages.  I JUST noticed that for the first time:) )

Anyway... if you want a fun project, check out Battle Valour... they are BEAUTIFUL figures.

And I've got another project using them coming up soon... I'll have more info soon:)

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Scott MacPhee said...

Wow! I'm not a fantasy player either, but those ARE cool!